Liminal VI (Indigo/Grey), 2024
168 x 149 cm

Felted Tapestries

Hand-felted tapestries held significant historical importance in Georgia, particularly in the Tusheti region. Felted tapestries adorned homes throughout the region and were crafted by members of the family. Serving as focal points within households, felted tapestries fostered a sense of community and belonging. Inspired by this tradition, Morevi decided to modernise and reinterpret the traditional Georgian tapestry. Just as they did in the past, Morevi’s tapestries become beacons in a space, offering warmth, comfort, and evoking a deep sense of connection and rootedness.

Felting, a craft that dates back to 200 B.C., is the process of turning raw wool fibres into a piece of fabric by connecting the individual fibres through applying warm water and friction.

The works are crafted in the traditional way through a slow and meditative process using local Belgian wool. The series unfolds in two distinct sub-series: Liminal and Terra. The Liminal pieces are hand-dyed with indigo pigment, resulting in deep blue tones reminiscent of the twilight zone between day and night. These works embody spiritual transformation and passage. In contrast, the Terra pieces embody a grounded, earthly essence. Made in a palette of natural, earthy tones, these tapestries serve as rooted reflections of the tangible world we inhabit, drawing focus to the here and now.

Prices on request
Liminal IV (Indigo), 2023
210 x 155 cm  

Terra II (Ecru/Brown), 2023
205 x 175 cm

Liminal I (Indigo/Grey), 2023
208 x 167 cm

Liminal III (Indigo/White), 2023
210 x 158 cm

Liminal II (Indigo/Grey), 2023
200 x 160 cm
Terra I (Ecru/Indigo), 2023
190 x 160 cm
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