Liminal I (Indigo/Grey), 208 x 167 cm
Liminal III (Indigo/White), 210 x 158 cm

Felted Tapestries

The series pays homage to the natural world while contemporising the traditional Georgian felted tapestry, a tradition that dates back to 200 BC. The tapestries are crafted from local Belgian wool. The series unfolds in two distinct sub-series: Liminal and Terra. The Liminal pieces are hand dyed with indigo pigment, resulting in deep blue tones reminiscent of the “blue hour” between day and night. These works embody spiritual transformation and passage.

In contrast, the Terra pieces embody a grounded, earthly essence. Cloaked in a palette of natural, earthy tones, these tapestries encapsulate the essence of the present moment. They stand as rooted reflections of the tangible world we inhabit, calling attention to the here and now.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, hand felted tapestries hold significant historical importance. Traditionally, tapestries served both a functional and artistic purpose. They provided warmth and comfort, serving as gathering points within rooms. Just as in the past, Morevi’s tapestries become beacons in a space, offering both physical and emotional warmth and evoking a sense of belonging and rootedness.

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Liminal II (Indigo/Grey), 196 x 152 cm
Terra I (Ecru/Indigo), 190 x 160 cm

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